Guidelines, Service Standards and Self Commitment

Leitsätze der esz AG

Successful leadership requires transparent, systematic and apparent commitment to every aspect of esz AG's business operations. Based upon esz AG's quality policies the following guidelines, service standards and self commitment apply.

Premium customer orientation is the basic principle esz AG is built upon.

esz AG particularly depend on customer satisfaction. Hence, present and future customer requirements need to be monitored, addressed, understood and constantly met at the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Occuring deficits or customer complaints are to be documented, reported and analyzed resulting in corrective actions and preventive measures. Customer satisfaction level is monitored and addressed directly in terms of improvement. Customer satisfaction is a frequent, reoccuring topic addressed in many briefings, audits and among team meetings within all fields and areas of operation.

esz AG's code of conduct is in affect - always:

Customer requirement is the center of attention at esz AG. esz AG's intention is to exceed customer expectations in every aspect of esz AG's day-to-day operations. Take advantage of our commitment to service standards and customer service.

Response Time

esz AG is commited to respond to customer's inquiries within a matter of 24 hours.


esz AG's office hours are Monday through Thursday 8.00 am to 5.30 pm and Friday 8.00 am to 4.30 pm.

Complaint Management

Mitarbeiterin im Innendienst

  • Every single customer complaint is documented, reported in a positive, serious and structured manner.
  • esz AG act positively upon all complaints. Customer expectations in terms of form and content are to honored and possibly exceeded.
  • esz AG is commited to identifification of possible deficits and dedicated to take appropriate, preventive actions. Every single complaint is determined an area of improvement, analysed thoroughly and corrective actions taken.
  • Purchase orders are to be processed and returned to customers within 5 working days.
  • Information is provided in a competent and binding manner; In case of "incompetence" proper handling is to be ensured.


We enjoy our job - and are trying to deliver that particular message. Distinct friendliness by all means of communication is to be assured.


  • We will communicate in a thorough and comprehensive manner.
  • We avoid abreviations and raise topics appropriately.
  • We make our competance known.

Quality Objectives

esz AG's primary objective is constant improvement of quality policies and quality objectives along with sustained development of the entire quality management system.

Everyone at esz AG is dedicated in persuing and commited to the following quality objectives:

  • Constant quality improvement as a means to an increased level of customer satisfaction.
  • Limited deficits and customer complaints, adherence to delivery dates, customer orientation including friendliness, competence and transparency.
  • Implementation of all DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 requirements and coherent training.
  • Optimizing procedures and a decreasing error rate over all affiliated business units, fields and areas of operation for an extraordinary level of service.
  • Improving people's skills in every aspect and in particular reagarding the latest technical, scientific developments.
  • Continuous improvement of technical capabilities, working standards and working conditions.
  • Consistent implementation of all regulations, internally as well as externally, in the means of quality control.
  • Information is provided in a competent manner. Information aimed at a particular field of operation or addressing defects or customer complaint, is communicated thoroughly among all affected business units in the means of constant improvement of and to the quality mangement system.

All guidelines, service standards and self commitment apply to every aspect of esz AG's business operations.