Milestones in esz AG calibration & metrology's History

Firmengeschichte der esz AG



  • esz celebrates big Summer Beach Party
  • Relocation of the Berlin and Budapest sites to new facilities
  • esz presents SYSKAP - system solution for the calibration of exhaust gas particle measuring devices
  • New business unit Avation starts work at the Berlin site
  • esz awards the 500,000 device ID
  • We are again kununu Top Company
  • Award as Top Employer Medium-Sized Businesses 2023
  • esz and Sherpa confirm cooperation
  • We donate 2,000 € to the Eichenau nursing and elderly care association
  • esz is now official Anritsu Certified Partner for Germany and Europe
  • New accredited calibrations: mechanical measurands scales and weights (mass) / electrical measurands DC voltage ratio and electrical energy
  • esz AG calibrates Dracal USB sensors for European customers
  • Successful trade fair appearance of esz at electronica 2022
  • esz receives European patent for the laboratory management software calibration expert


  • Also in 2021, esz refrains from short-time work due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • esz AG celebrates its 45th birthday with a mega art event with Phil Splash
  • esz organizes a large Oktoberfest for the employees
  • esz and Siglent Technologies cooperate in the field of accredited calibrations
  • New at esz: Calibration according to AÜK specifications
  • esz organizes in-house corona vaccination campaign days for first, second and booster vaccinations
  • The relaunch of the new corporate design is complete
  • esz promotes the e-bike mobility of the employees


  • esz is one of the winners of BAYERNS BEST 50 for the second time since 2011
  • esz AG registers the 400.000 device with calibration expert
  • Daniel Herrmann is the new Director Sales, Marketing & Emerging Markets
  • esz AG is the first calibration laboratory with accreditation for transmission filters
  • Accreditation for calibration of climatic chambers for the measurands temperature and humidity
  • Awarded as an ÖKOPROFIT company
  • esz supports the GEMIMEG II research project
  • Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, esz AG has decided against short-time work and continues to focus on full employment
  • esz AG is accredited according to the new DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018
  • esz AG becomes a partner in the Umweltpakt Bayern


  • Gipfeltreffen - esz AG celebrates the 75 birthday of its founder Siegfried Fleischmann
  • 10 year anniversary of laboratory management software calibration expert
  • Grant of a patent for calibration expert
  • esz AG registers the the three hundred thousandth device with calibration expert
  • esz AG honored as ÖKOPROFIT-Betrieb
  • Membership in Familienpakt Bayern
  • esz AG presents Josephson-Quantenkalibrator in London


  • esz exceed 150 people
  • esz AG honored with Bayerischer Gründerpreis (Bavarian Founders Award)
  • esz Southwest branch office moves from Karlsruhe to Mannheim and opens a new laboratory
  • esz AG to open a laboratory in Berlin
  • successful DAkkS-accreditation for emission testers
  • esz to host the 4th „Munich Calibration Day“


  • esz AG to extend DAkkS accreditation to more than 200 DAkkS-accredited fields
  • successful DAkkS-accreditation for brake testers
  • esz AG to implement an external service team of more than 500 technicians to calibrate brake testers
  • esz AG to install Josephson Quantum Calibrator for quantum exactly calibrations
  • esz AG to introduce partner network cen (calibration expert network)
  • esz AG to open a branch office in Budapest, Hungary
  • successful DAkkS-accreditation for brake testers and headlight testers


  • 1976 – 2016: esz AG to celebrate 40th anniversary
  • esz AG to host 3. consecutive Munich Calibration Day. The 2-day event proved to be a huge success.
  • APTOMET AG, Switzerland to join esz AG’s Calibration Partner Network
  • esz AG to relaunch Webpages utilizing responsive design techniques
  • esz AG to publish first image video
  • esz AG to introduce new design for software applications calibration expert und asset expert


  • esz to introduce the world’s first working AC/DC Josephson Voltmeter to exceed common means of industrial calibration
  • esz’s test & measurement equipment management software asset expert awarded for innovation and outstanding performance
  • esz to introduce QR-codes to instantly access calibration reports
  • esz to realize real-time data logging at all stationary labs and for all onsite calibration teams
  • esz to open a branch office in Berlin, Germany
  • esz to welcome German calibration laboratory KLH as the first member of esz’s “calibration expert Network”
  • esz to host the 2. „Munich Calibration Day“


  • esz exceed 130 people
  • esz extend DAkkS accreditation featuring decreased measurement uncertainties
  • esz implement a new indoor climate monitoring system for improved environmental conditions
  • esz introduce calibration software “calibration expert”
  • esz announce development of the World’s first industrial Josephson AC Quantum Calibrator
  • esz launch new website
  • esz host “Munich Calibration Day”


  • substantial laboratory extension
  • new Logistik Expert pick-up and delivery routes
  • further accreditation in the field of RF, on-site and AC/DC
  • second, consecutive testing of the Josephson AC Standard Quantum Voltmeter
  • substantial technical improvement to on-site calibration capabilities


  • esz among founding memembers to the "new" DKD
  • successful DAkkS re-accreditation including further fields and decreased measurement uncertainties
  • calibration software application "calibration expert“ introduced to all branches and affiliated laboratories
  • initial Josephson AC Standard Quantum Voltmeter prototype testing at esz


  • esz exceed 100 people
  • esz awarded "Bavaria's Best 50"
  • National Instruments appoint esz as "Certified Calibration Center Europe"
  • esz continue to develop EMC, Fiber and RF laboratory capabilities
  • DAkkS confirms esz's technical expertise


  • esz on-site validation activites in Biberach begin
  • espansion of on-site calibartion capabilities
  • esz accredited by "new" German accreditation body DAkkS (D-K-15019-01)
  • esz continue to develop force, mass flow and acceleration laboratory capabilities
  • initial "go-life" testing of esz's calibration software application "calibration expert"


  • esz exceed 85 people
  • esz Austria open in Vienna, Austria
  • esz introduce laboratories as systematic calibration competence centers
  • new Logistik Expert pick-up and delivery routes
  • esz hold 3rd symposium for calibration and metrology


  • esz exceed 68 people
  • change of name to esz AG calibration & metrology effective January 2009
  • DKD accreditation for pressure, humdity, RF-power, rotational frequency/ speed, AC resistance and on-site calibration
  • esz exceed 100 accredited measurement fields and 400 corresponding measurement quantities
  • esz introduce nationwide on-site calibration


  • esz exceed 51 people
  • 10 year DKD laboratory anniversary including 44 measurement fields and 207 corresponding measurement quantities
  • esz open branch office in Münster and Karlsruhe, Germany
  • laboratory capacity increased by 52%


  • esz exceed 40 people
  • 30 year anniversary
  • esz increase RF laboratory capabilities to 67 GHz including automated VNA-technology
  • DKD accreditation for fiber optics


  • DKD accrediation for temperature, dimensional measurement quantities and lower frequencies
  • DKD accreditation exceeding 22 fields


  • DKD accreditation for capacity and inductivity
  • DKD accreditation fo RF-power, RF-voltage and reflexion factor up to 18 GHz


  • DKD accreditation for AC-power, DC-power, power factor and oscilloscope


  • esz exceed 35 people
  • esz open branch office in Nuremburg, Germany


  • esz exceed 30 people
  • esz move to newly built headquarters in Eichenau, Germany and increase laboratory space to 2000 qm and 7 fully airconditioned calibration laboratories.


  • GUM and DKD-3 introduced to esz
  • DKD accreditation for AC-current and 1 mOhm resistance


  • esz introduce new calibration procedures for temperature, pressure, humidity and volumetric flow
  • New measurement system for fiber optics and transmission technology


  • Deutsche Telekom places a major order for nationwide calibration and repair


  • Initial DKD accrediation. PTB accredited esz according to DIN EN 45001


  • esz exceed 15 people
  • esz headquartes move to Industriestrasse 1 in Germering, Germany providing over 1000 sqm in laboratory space
  • esz obtain a SKD (Siemens Kalibrier Dienst) certification as the first (and later known to be the only) external, third-party Siemens calibration laboratory
  • esz goes online


  • esz introduce dimensional calibration


  • esz introduce compliant ISO-9001 calibration in cooperation with Marconi (later to be known as IFR) for RF test and measurement technology


  • esz exceed 4 people including 2 service engineers for repair service and adjustment


  • esz headquarters move to the first dedicated office building offering 120 sqm in office and laboratory space including 30 sqm of airconditioned calibration laboratory
  • esz introduce computerized work stations


  • esz exceed 2 people including business operations and sales
  • esz introduce first factory calibration for Dornier Medical
  • Stadtwerke München place a major order for test and measurement equipment repair service


  • esz introduce computerized work station to business administration
  • Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH places a major order for calibration
  • esz becomes the first company to introduce flat rates for test and measurement equipment calibration


  • esz change sehr legal form and name to esz Elektronik-Service GmbH


  • esz introduce RF-technology utilizing a scalar network analyzer up to 8 GHz


  • esz utilize the first universal, AC, DC, multifunction calibrator, a Fluke 5100 for calibration and repair


  • esz founded by Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Fleischmann
  • Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Fleischmann installs a laboratory for test and measurement equipment repair, maintenance and calibration at his family home.