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The Vienna Laboratory opened in 2009 and offers calibration capabilities in various fields and for multiple instruments, tools and test stations. The 100 sqm calibration laboratory serves as a calibration hub for many Eastern European countries including Rumania, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Bereich Österreich

Scope of Service at Vienna-Laboratory

  • Test & measurement equipment calibration for general electrical, mechanical, mass flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and torque instruments, tools and test stations
  • Additional and complementary calibration capabilities via the Eichenau Laboratory
  • On-site calibration
  • Test & measurement equipment repair service via the Eichenau Laboratory

Pick-up and Delivery Service

Highly sensitive test & measurement instruments require more attention than the average parcel service has to offer. Trained, highly skilled professionals, comfortable and familiar with handling highly sensitive, fragile instruments along with designated safety containers provide the base for esz AG's pick-up and delivery service. Customers get to choose from individual pick-up and delivery, or weekly, recurring pick-up and delivery tours as part of esz AG's service offering “Logistik Expert”.

Pick-up & delivery service is available at esz laboratory in Vienna.

Director of Laboratory

Rudolf Fröschl


Franz Raith (AT | CH | IT | SI)


esz AG calibration & metrology
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