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Description Model Manufacturer
Feldstärkenmessgerät, 3M 706 706 3M +
Feldstärkenmessgerät 3M 706-S 706S 3M +
Electrostatic Tester 3M 709 709 3M +
Charge Analyser 3M 711 711 3M +
Wrist Strap/Shoe Tester 3M 715 715 3M +
Wrist Strap Tester 3M 715E 715E 3M +
Grounding Tester 3M 719 719 3M +
Wrist Strap Monitor 3M 724 724 3M +
Wrist Strap Monitor 3M 724VK 724VK 3M +
Wrist Strap Tester 3M 740 740 3M +
Wrist Strap Tester 3M 745 745 3M +
Kabelortungsgerät 3M Dynatel 957MC DYNATEL957MC 3M +
Kabelortungsgerät 3M Dynatel 965DSP DYNATEL965DSP 3M +
Parallelleiste, paar bis 50 mm 0-50MM 50MM +
Spectrum Analyzer A&D Company AD3525 AD3525 A&D COMPANY +