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Please note that the listing is only an abstract from our current product database and will be updated on a regular basis. If you have a specific request or an instrument you are looking for appears not to be listed do not hesitate to contact us. Our calibration engineers work hard to expand our scope each and every day.


Description Model Manufacturer
Leistungsmessgerät ABB/Metraw M3031 M3031 ABB +
AC-Stromzange ABB/Metraw M3047 M3047 ABB +
Temperaturmessgerät ABB/Metraw M4051 M4051 ABB +
Temperaturmessgerät ABB/Metraw M4052 M4052 ABB +
VDE 0100-Prüfgerät ABB/Metraw M5010 M5010 ABB +
FI-Prüfgerät ABB/Metraw M5011 M5011 ABB +
VDE 0100-Messgerät ABB/Metraw M5012 M5012 ABB +
VDE 0701-Tester ABB/Metraw/GOS M5013 M5013 ABB +
Isolationswiderstandsmessgerät ABB/Metraw M5022 M5022 ABB +
Erdungsmesser ABB/Metraw M5030 M5030 ABB +
Erdungsmesser ABB/Metraw M5032 M5032 ABB +
Zangenmessgerät ABB/Metraw M5110 M5110 ABB +
Oszilloskop, 2 CH, 20MHz ABB M6012 M6012 ABB +
Oszilloskop ABB/Metraw M6014 M6014 ABB +
Analyzer Scope ABB/Metraw M6200 M6200 ABB +