Calibration Documents

Kalibriersiegel mit QR Code

The only way to rely on and retrace test and measurement equipment data, specifications and uncertainties is a calibration report or calibration certificate. Regarding the latter esz offer a unique feature: ISO-compliant and accredited calibration are identical in terms of traceability, accuracy, standards and concerning quality characteristics. There is no difference in procedure or requirements.

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Kalibrierschein der esz AG

Customers are to decide whether to download a digital copy or to request a common hardcopy. However, esz is concerned about the environment in particular with respect to reports addressing an enormous amount of measurement data to be printed on numerous pages. Thus, a common hardcopy is an abstract listing the most significant facts such as DUT, procedure, standards, conditions, location, measurement uncertainties and a general summary, a pass/fail analysis. The entire report including all measurement data is available online. Customers get to choose from a simple download link or esz AG’s more sophisticated “asset expert”. Additionally, a simple scan (using any mobile scanning device such as a smartphone) of the included QR-code (as part of the calibration seal and calibration report) will lead customers directly to a digital copy of the corresponding calibration report. Take advantage of esz AG’s online archives and help to reduce paper and to protect the environment.

The Calibration Seal


Safety and trust are invisible. esz AG’s calibration seal facilitates users to display safety and trust to the naked eye. The calibration seal contains a unique number, date, due date and a QR-code. The QR-code enables users and auditors to speed up the process of obtaining and verifying measurement data. QR-codes can be interpreted and processed using a dedicated app on a mobile imaging device such as a camera phone, smartphone or tablet PC. Users will instantly be linked to an external URL containing the corresponding calibration report. The digital copy of a calibration report is displayed providing no means to alter any of the original test and measurement equipment data. The QR-code consists of a 128-Bit encrypted GUID (Global Unique Identifier) featuring more than 3,4 · 1038 possible combinations (in Germany the possibility to get struck by lightning is approximately 3,4 · 107), needless to point out and stress the advantage over common numbering and identification systems. As opposed to customary identification methods the QR Code enables users to only read a calibration report rather than providing means to access and alter owner specific data. The QR Code offers high encryption in terms of data security alongside high-speed data accessibility and availability.

download calibration certificate