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Our professional pick-up and delivery service guarantees safe transportation of your sensitive test equipment, because the transport takes place in protective devices by trained drivers directly to and from the calibration laboratory. Avoid expensive transport monitoring systems and forget about finding suitable packaging material, boxes or boxes. By choosing Logistik Expert, our drivers not only pick up your measuring instruments for calibration straight at your office, but also pack them on the spot.

You can select between an individual pick-up and delivery or our weekly delivery service Logistik Expert, which we offer nationwide and in many parts of Austria.

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That means Logistics Expert for your measuring and test equipment:

Safe transport by trained drivers

Highly sensitive measuring instruments and test equipment require a handling than your parcel service cannot offer. By handling sensitive measuring technology day-to-day, our drivers guarantee the necessary diligence when packing or unpacking, during storage and transport. Avoid expensive transport monitoring systems and be sure that your measuring instruments find their way safely and undamaged to the calibration laboratory. Our drivers regularly attend trainings for maximum driving safety in order to minimize the risk of damage to your equipment.

No transport packaging necessary

Forget about finding suitable packaging material, boxes or boxes. With Logistik Expert, our drivers not only pick up their measuring instruments for calibration directly from you, but also pack them on the spot. Save time, money and nerves with the professional packaging of Logistik Expert.

Short downtime due to weekly pickup and delivery

Logistik Expert brings your measuring instruments to the calibration laboratory on the same day. Thanks to the fixed routes of Logistik Expert, you benefit twice: You can plan the downtimes during the weekly delivery runs precisely and thus reduce them to a minimum.

Low risk through transport insurance

Damage to sensitive measurement technology can quickly become expensive: By leaving your doorstep, your measuring instruments are not only packed and handled carefully but also enjoy full insurance coverage for transport and packaging damage. Joining Logistics Expert will instantly minimize the risk of paying the price for incorrect handling of conventional parcel services.

No additional costs

Exceeding an annual volume of € 20,000, you don´t pay any shipping costs for your measuring equipment within Germany. By choosing Logistik Expert delivery costs are free of charge as part of the weekly routes listed below for orders of € 1,000 or more. Further delivery conditions can be obtained from vertrieb@esz-ag.de.

Note: Trips within the metropolitan areas are not always free.

Location Nuremberg

Route Via Date
Nuremberg Nuremberg Monday
Würzburg Erlangen, Bamberg, Schweinfurt, Würzburg, Marktheidenfeld, Redwitz Tuesday
Frankfurt Nuremberg, Würzburg, Aschaffenburg Wednesday
Dresden Bayreuth, Hof, Zwickau, Chemnitz, Gera, Jena, Weimar, Erfurt Thursday
Nuremberg Nuremberg Friday

Location Vienna

Route Via Date
Vienna Greater Vienna Monday, Thursday
Munich St. Pölten, Linz, Wels, Salzburg, Munich on demand
Graz Wiener Neudorf, Deutschlandsberg, Graz, Leoben Tuesday
Munich St. Pölten, Linz, Vöcklabruck, Wels, Salzburg Wednesday