Quality Management


esz AG’s quality management manual is dedicated to the operational organization and relevant quality management procedures regarding esz AG’s technical service offering. Utilizing the quality management manual ensures that all organizational and technical activities are planned, supervised, controlled and the accreditation body’s contractual regulations regarding calibration laboratories are in effect (at this time available in German, only).

Publishing all of our calibration procedures and measurement uncertainties establish transparency, mutual trust and traceability in all calibration reports and measurement results. This guarantees our customers consistent test equipment management and traceability. The corresponding level of transparency is unique among the industry.

Outstanding Laboratory Conditions

Industrial calibration, in particular with respect to reliable results, calls for constant and stable laboratory conditions. esz metrologists closely monitor, record and evaluate environmental conditions such as temperature and relative humidity. Results, assessment and assumptions are stored over a period of 5 consecutive years. Laboratory conditions are kept stable throughout the year, records are taken at time of calibration and included in the calibration report. esz AG’s stationary laboratory for direct current (DC) and audio frequency (AF) indicates an average temperature of 23,2 °C. The 2-sigma standard deviation is as few as 0,6 Kelvin. Thus, esz laboratories provide ideal conditions considering OEM’s standard reference temperature of 23 °C. esz AG’s dimensional laboratory reports an average of 19,7 °C at 0,5 Kelvin 2-sigma standard deviation. Little fluctuations are particularly important to evaluate temperature sensitive test objects. The average is based upon year-round data. Reported measurement uncertainties regarding relative humidity are 3 % (RH). For a complete listing of all relevant factors please refer to the document “Environmental Conditions”. In general, little to no deviation from influencing parameters will lead to more accurate results.

Unique transparency for calibration procedures, quality management and measurement uncertainties

The foundation to our quality management system is DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 requirements „general requirements for calibration and test laboratory’s expertise / competence“.

Everybody at esz AG is committed to perform reflecting and in accordance to the defined quality policies and obejctives.

The calibration laboratories quality management is part of the organization’s quality management system. Management, together with all persons responsible for quality management, coordinates all activities, planning and executing quality management measures among all affiliated branches and business units. All together we pride ourselves in responsible developing, maintaining, improving and supervising esz AG’s quality management manual.

The quality management manual is binding to everybody here at esz AG calibration & metrology

Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Philip M. Fleischmann
Vorstand Technik

File Size
00-0-Einfuehrung-und-Begriffe 323 KB Download
00-1-Qualitaetsmanagementsystem-Verbindlichkeitserklaerung-Leistungsangebot-Organigramm-Aufgaben-und-Befugnisse 910 KB Download
00-2-Audits-Bewertung-Fehlervorbeugung-und-Korrekturmassnahmen 382 KB Download
00-3-Unterstuetzende-QM-Infrastruktur-Dokumentenlenkung-Beschwerden-Fehler-Schulung-PMUE-Beschaffung-Unterauftraege 667 KB Download
00-4-Auftragsbearbeitung-Validierung-Kalibrierung-Abschluss-und-Versand 366 KB Download
01-Anhang-Inhaltsverzeichnis 121 KB Download
02-I-Umgebungsbedingungen 131 KB Download
03-II-Messtechnische-Rueckfuehrung 1322 KB Download
04-III-Direktmessverfahren-an-festen-Normalen-oder-einer-variablen-AC-DC-Quelle 1817 KB Download
05-IV-Direktmessverfahren-an-einem-Multimeter 1170 KB Download
06-V-Kalibrierung-im-Substitutionsverfahren 158 KB Download
07-VI-Strommessung-mit-einem-Shunt 693 KB Download
09-VIII-Messgroesse-Frequenz-und-Drehzahl 647 KB Download
11-X-Kalibrierung-von-Leistungsmessgeraeten 455 KB Download
12-XI-Kalibrieren-von-LCR-Messgeraete 698 KB Download
13-XII-Kalibrieren-von-L-und-C-Normale 467 KB Download
14-XIII-Hochfrequenzmessgroessen-Kalibrierung-von-HF-Quellen 1068 KB Download
15-XIII.2-HF-Leistungsmessgeraete 1325 KB Download
16-0-XIII.3-Kalibrieren-von-HF-Reflexionsfaktor 572 KB Download
16-1-XIII.4-Kalibrieren-von-HF-Rauschen 260 KB Download
16-2-XIII.5-Kalibrieren-von-HF-Daempfung 935 KB Download
16-3-XIII.6-Kalibrieren-von-HF-Verstaerkung 467 KB Download
17-XIV-Kalibrierung-thermodynamischer-Messgroeßen-Temperatur-und-Feuchte 1534 KB Download
18-XV-Millivoltkalibrierung-an-Keithley-181-und-263 408 KB Download
19-XVI-Temperatursimulation-und-Anzeige 748 KB Download
20-XVIII-Optische-Leistungsmessgeraete-Kalibrieren 941 KB Download
21-XIX-Kalibrierung-von-Stromzangen-und-Stromwandlern 625 KB Download
22-XX-Hochspannungskalibrierung 402 KB Download
23-XXI-Verzerrte-Kurven 812 KB Download
24-XXII-Kalibrierung-vor-Ort 127 KB Download
25-XXIII-Messgroesse-Druck 504 KB Download
26-1-XXIV-Pulsfoermige-EMV-Messgroessen.pdf 1340 KB Download
26-2-XXV-Durchflusskalibrierung 1049 KB Download
26-3-XXVI-Kalibrierung-von-Kraftmessgeraeten 625 KB Download
27-B-Entscheidungregeln-zur-Konformitaetsbewertung-und-Risiko 702 KB Download
27-D-Verfahrensliste-flexible-Akkreditierung.pdf 225 KB Download
28.0-L.I-Laengenlabor-Grundlagen 236 KB Download
29-L.III-Kalibrieren-von-Messuhren 416 KB Download
30-L.IV-Kalibrieren-von-Messschiebern 390 KB Download
31-L.V-Kalibrieren-von-Buegelmessschrauben 337 KB Download
32-L.VI-Kalibrieren-von-Parallelendmassen 356 KB Download
33-L.VII-Quellenverzeichnis 101 KB Download