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Someone has to take care of test & measurement equipment management:

asset expert - The Smarter Way in Test Equipment Management.

asset expert is a web-based software application dedicated to comprehensive test & measurement equipment management. The software architecture is designed to enable random access and does not require a specific system setup or hardware configuration. Basic requirement is: internet access (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) for real-time accessability. The design in terms of look and feel is customizable with respect to customer requirements including corporate identity, content, functions, access authorization etc. The clear center of attention, along inventory, filing/ archiving, is processing, administring of test & measurement data and additional information with respect to quality management such as location, availability and status. Past and present documents, e.g. calibration reports, are accessible and at one's disposal - in real-time. Download and data export is completing asset expert's functional range. Thus, extensive analysis of trends and risk analysis is feasible. asset expert is equipped with a useful reminder function to monitor reoccuring events, recalibration cycles or any other product safety or quality related time limits.

asset expert was released in 2008 and made its way around the world currently serving more than 2,000 customers.

Tailored to every need

asset expert is extremely versatile. Customer’s get to choose from 6 different versions:

Functions asset expert Basic asset expert 200 asset expert 200 active asset expert 1000 asset expert 1000 active asset expert 5000
Data Management
Accessible Data Records 200 200 200 1000 1000 5000
Data Limit 200 MB 200 MB 200 MB 1 GB 1 GB 5 GB
Index Cards*
History Analysis
Data Interchange
Current Calibration Report
Past Calibration Reports
Due Date
Multiple User
Calibration Cycle Management
Status Monitor
Reminder Function
Customizable; Implementation of user specific content, fields or data

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* containing basic details such as manufacturer, model/type, serial number, asset number or similar

Data encryption is subject to current data encryption methods (SSL 3.0). Setup fee for additional users is €59.00, net per user. asset expert may entirely be tailored to customer specific needs and requirements including user administration, access authorization et. Al..

asset expert Basic is free of charge. Further versions of asset expert are subject to an annual fee starting at €59.00, net.

Limited Administration Effort

asset expert replaces all manual data entry. Starting point is an initial data synchronization or entering data concurrently as part of the calibration process. Up-to-data is set to be a key function within asset expert. Matching and actively synchronizing data is part of any reoccuring calibration process.

Cost Efficient

Your data is in safe hands at esz. Once, entered and synchronized to the asset expert database, data administration, as well as calibration reports, are only a single mouse click away. Benefit from asset expert filing, accessing, montioring data: safe time and cost - starting today.

Electronic Data Transfer: Accelerated Calibration Process

User benefit from asset expert, twice: Data is accessible online, lightning fast right at the end of the calibration process. Test instruments are registered, identified and allocated simultaneously. Reoccuring, registered instrument's data is uploaded automatically to the working station and synchronized without re-evaluating, identifying, re-assessing and re-entering the test object sepecific data. All data is at your disposal, anytime, anywhere.

Accessing Data - Simple and Safe

SSL encryption to the latest banking standards is utilized to secure data whilst accessing via the internet - 24/7. esz AG's data processing center guarantees a 99% availability. Data entry and editing ist feasible virtually anytime, anywhere. Sit back and let asset expert do the job rather than to file and forward multiple documents manually.

Monitoring Calibration Cycles - asset experts Reminder Function

Never forget to initiate calibration. asset expert assists in tracking and monitoring test & measurement equipment's status e.g. instruments due or past due for calibration, forcasting , backlog processing, etc. in a simple, transparent matter. In addition asset expert is equipped with a useful reminding function helping to stay on top of reoccuring events.

24 Hours Online Accessability, No Software Required, Self-Explanatory - Consequently asset expert

Requirements in terms of asset expert are simple: Internet access, no software application required. Operation is simple, self-explanatory and yet, versatile. All data, calibration reports and history is available and only a single mouse click away.

Online Archive

Forget about archives and files. asset expert keeps track, stores and sorts all past, present and future documents related to effective test equipment management. Everything is on display, on hand and instantly available.

Customized Design

The Option Asset Epxert Custom will adopt to your personal requirements with respect to corporate identity, content, content management, functions and access authoriziation. The whole appearance in terms of look and feel, design and content is customizable including user specific tables, profiles, interfaces, functions and access authorization. asset expert is tailored to your specific needs.