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Periodic quality assessment for test and measurement equipment is a fundamental requirement to nearly all existing quality assurance standards, norms and procedures. Furthermore, there is much greater reason to analyse and certify one's own precision: Product safety. To clearly understand that test and measurement equipment is working within specifications, is the only means of trust upon measurement results. A requirement equally important to you and your customers.

Minimize risk - Maximize your test & measurement equipment's quality

Being among Germany's leading, independant, third-party calibration laboratories esz AG's primary objective is to facilitate decision makers in the ability of defining ways for effective all-in-one test and measurement equipment management (in terms of calibration, adjustment, service and maintenance). In order to guarantee that test results are traceable, internationally recognized, accurate and repeatable you need to be certain and the highest possible quality level is to be applied. Holding an accredidation for over 190 measurement fields esz AG pride themselves in being one of Europe's leading metrology laboratories. You may rely on one of the most effective calibration service providers in the industry. Keeping track of test and measurement equipment functioning, performance and condition is the only measure to avoid measurement error, failure and affiliated cost. Effective, recurring calibration will prevent the risks of product liability.

Certification is safety. And safety begins with esz

Test and measurement technology is present in every aspect of our life. Knowingly and partly unaware test and measurement results form the basic principle wide decisions are based upon. Test and measurement technology is inseperable linked to daily activities whether you are out shopping, at home, in home improvement, in housing construction, in the medical field or anything remotely related to or subject to determination, evaluation, calculation and assessment. Accurate measuring equals knowledge and knowledge triggers every day's decisions. Reliable calibration lays the foundation for reliable test results. And reliability comes from esz AG calibration & metrology.

What does calibration mean? - A definition of calibration

BIPM Logo Calibration means to determine and document a system's shown value and its corresponding abreviation to a known, primary standard. According to the international vocabulary of metrology (VIM - JCGM 200:2012, 3rd edition published by "des Bureau International des Poids et Measures BIPM") calibration is defined as "operation that, under specific conditions, in a first step, establishes a first relation between the quantity values with measurement uncertainties provided by measurement standards and corresponding indications with associated measurement uncertainties and, in a second step, uses this information to establish a relation for obtaining a measurement result from an indication".

What is calibration?

Calibration implies to measure and compare a measuring object (test object or device under test) to and against a traceable calibration standard following a well documented procedure. The main objective is to identify abreviations and variations. This means, using the example of a thermometer, to initially display a given value on a known, standard thermometer (for instance 0,2 K establised accuracy) under preset conditions, e.g. steady room temperature, and subsequently compare to the test object's displayed value, in order to determine the deviation between the device under test and the standard thermometer. System adjustment possibly could have taken place prior to calibration, e.g. to adjust the standard thermometer at freezing point, however, adjustment ist not, by any means, part of system, self calibration or the calibration process as such. Monitor calibration, printer calibration or color calibration is considered adjustment of the monitor or display. In this case measurement results are used to adjust the output value. The above terminolgy determines the basic principle all calibration laboratories' activities and the corresponding range of services is derived from.

Calibration of Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment

Electrical calibrations support nearly all existing areas of research & development, manufacturing and technology including, pharma, food and environmental engineering. Electrical measurements are considered the flagship in modern day metrology (simply due to the fact that most quantities are transformed into an electrical signal at a test point). Since the early 1980s electrical calibration are without a doubt key to all laboratory activities at esz AG. Back in the day when adjusment and repair service were still esz AG's core competition, esz AG pioneered industrial High-End calibration techniques, including the first AC/DC-calibrators, subject to use for military, aviation and pharma, only. more »

Calibrating RF Test & Measurement Equipment

esz AG's radio frequency laboratory is designated to be one of Europe's best equiped radio frequency calibration laboratory and characterized with measurement capabilities up to 67 GHz. The RF-laboratory features redundant system comparison by cross referencing the radio time signal carrier frequency (DCF-77) against a GPS-signal resulting in measurement uncertainties of below 5 parts per trillion.The RF-Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art power analyzers, frequency, power of different connector systems enabling esz AG to be highly responsive. more »

Dimensional Calibration

esz AG's dimensional calibration laboratory is an addition to the eletrical field and dedicated to widen esz AG's scope of service towards mechanical engineering, vehicle, aircraft and aifiliated industries. Calibration engineers rely on state-of--the-art laboratory equipment at standard laboratory conditions of 20 °C ± 1 K (typically ± 0,5 K). more »

Calibrating Mechanical Measurement Quantities

esz AG's laboratories for pressure, balancing scales/ weight (mass), force, virbation, shock and accelaration are designed to provide additional calibration opportunities for industrial test and measurment equipment. more »

Temperature Calibration

esz AG's field thermometry, temperature and environmental measuring technology is dedicated to temperature ranges from -80 °C to +1100 °C. Best practise in thermometer calibration (contact and immersion probes) is to rely on calibration baths or thermostat baths and dry block calibrators. The latter provide, along stabillity and reliability, almost maintenance-free robustness and short response time at wide temperature ranges, whether utilized at the stationary laboratory or on-site. Standard platinum resistance thermometers indicate marginal drift and result in measurement uncertainties below 15 mK. Utilizing a triple point cell, measurement uncertainities far below 15 mK are realized at water's triple point of 0,01 °C. Electrical base parameters for thermoelectric voltage and resistance are traceable to the electrical calibration laboratory, resulting in measurement uncertainties below 2 mK. more »

On-Site Calibration

An increasing number of organizations rely on test and measurement equipment availability 24/7. Disposal even for a single day turns into to lock-out - a scenario not exactly worthwhile pursuing. esz AG's mobile calibration service is dedicated to assist customers in defining alternate ways to keep down times in production, R&D, quality assurance and safety testing at a minimum. In line with traceability to national or international standards, on-site test equipment management is in safe hands. esz AG's on-site calibration service provides customers with the same capabilities, in terms of calibration for portable test & measurement equipment or test stations/ systems, on-site as compared to capabilities at esz AG's stationary calibration laboratory. The advantage is obvious: No shipping, no risk of transportation,limited administration effort whilst maximizing the availability of one's own test & measurment equipment. more »

DKD Laboratory and DAkkS Calibration

esz AG calibration & metrology is among Europe's leading calibration laboratories. The vast number of DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited fields and quantities confirm esz AG's versatility and leading role. more »