Calibration of Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment

Kalibrierlabor Elektrik

Electrical calibrations support nearly all existing areas of research & development, manufacturing and technology including, pharma, food and environmental engineering. Electrical measurements are considered the flagship in modern day metrology (simply due to the fact that most quantities are transformed into an electrical signal at a test point). Since the early 1980s electrical calibration are without a doubt key to all laboratory activities at esz AG. Back in the day when adjusment and repair service were still esz AG's core competition, esz AG pioneered industrial High-End calibration techniques, including the first AC/DC-calibrators, subject to use for military, aviation and pharma, only.

esz cover calibration for over 95% of all existing industrial test & measurement equipment

Pioneering continues until today. Consistent development and modernization turned the electrical calibration laboratory into esz AG's think tank. In addition the vast DIN ISO/ IEC 17025 accreditiation strongly reflects esz AG expertise as one of Europe's leading electrical and industrial DAkkS-accredited DKD-calibration laboratories. Thus, esz AG cover over 95% of all existing test and measurement equipment - a fact customers rely on.

Industrial Calibration

Industrielle Messgeräte und Prüfmittel Almost every industrial organization deploy electrical test and measurement equipment or measurement technology. esz AG's field industrial calibration in particular for DC and lower frequencies accounts for the highest numbers in terms of quantities, units and calibration processed. Calibration engineers's set of tools include multi-purpose calibrators for current, voltage and resistance, oscillloscope calibrators, counters, signal generators and, not to mention, high resolution multimeters. The corresponding test stations enable esz AG's calibration engineers to calibrate accurate and precisely most common test and measurement technology (e.g. digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, function generators, counters, recorders, LCR-equipment).

Raising the tone of calibration

Prüfmittel esz AG's field for DC, lower frequencies and industrial calibration became the first of many to be accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS (formerly known as DKD) accreditation in 1997. Ever since the accreditation emphasizes the solid foundation esz AG's calibration service is build upon in their continous endeavor to provide customers with the best measurement capability e.g. DC measurement uncertainties below one part per million. Even in extrem ranges of electrical measurement technology, for instance high-end shunts, high resistance, high-end power sources, nano voltmeters, accredited calibration is feasible and performed at an extraordinary level. An advanced climate-comtrol-system forms the foundation for all laboratory activities realizing stable climatic laboratory conditions at 23 °C ± 0,5 K.

Extraordinary are esz AG's capabilities in terms of calibrating electircal power analyzers and power sources. esz AG operate a unique power standard within Germany for calibration of flicker and harmonics.

esz AG was the first industrial laboratory achieving a DAkkS accreditation for flicker and harmonics in 2008. Ever since DAkkS accredited DKD-calibration is availabble for flicker and harmonics.

Outstanding service and outstanding speed

esz AG will process your calibration within 24 hours, no longer than 5 working days - guaranteed. Measurement experts are taking care of superior equipment and infrastructure under excellent climatic conditions.

High-End Precision Calibration

Kalibrator für High-End Kalibrierungen To provide calibration service for high-end test and measurement equipment as well as for fellow third party laboratories, enhanced precision is a base requirement at esz AG's high-end calibration laboratory. All corresponding reference standards are directly linked to national institutes such as PTB, NPL, LNE or METAS in terms of elevated traceability. The designated procedure enables esz AG to increase their accuracy whilst increasing measurement uncertainties down to the sheer minimum and are identified as an area of constant improvement. Thus, consistently the conceptual design of the first existing AC quantum voltmeter is an esz AG initiative: A unique scientific project dedicated to use a Josephson system in order to synthesize, measure and trace DC and AC voltage on an industrial basis. The Josephson-Effect is an electrophysical effect to characterize tunnel current between two superconductor. Josephson junctions are determined to be extremenly precise frequency-to-voltage-converter. Besides, all procedures are state-of-the-art techniques, well respected within the industry and refered to by leading primary laboratories.

esz AG's field High-End Calibration is specialized in high-end test and measurement equipment as follows:

digital multimeters / analog multimeters / calibrators / power sources / resistors / high-voltage test equipment / flicker, harmonics and power analyzer / oscilloscopes / function generators / LCR-bridges / capacitors / inductors / AC/ DC test and measurement equipment / data acquisition boards / counters