On-Site Calibration

Vorbereitung für den Vor-Ort Einsatz

An increasing number of organizations rely on test and measurement equipment availability 24/7. Disposal even for a single day turns into to lock-out - a scenario not exactly worthwhile pursuing. esz AG's mobile calibration service is dedicated to assist customers in defining alternate ways to keep down times in production, R&D, quality assurance and safety testing at a minimum. In line with traceability to national or international standards, on-site test equipment management is in safe hands. esz AG's on-site calibration service provides customers with the same capabilities, in terms of calibration for portable test & measurement equipment or test stations/ systems, on-site as compared to capabilities at esz AG's stationary calibration laboratory. The advantage is obvious: No shipping, no risk of transportation, limited administration effort whilst maximizing the availability of one's own test & measurment equipment.

Europe-wide on-site calibration - the very next day.

Alongside calibrating single test points as part of a test station, on-site calibration capabilities include regular test and measurement equipment. In particuar on-site calibration refers to multifunctional test stations and their numerous measurement parameters. The latter are inextricably connected, build in or mounted to a test station or part of a greater testing process - not to mention that shipping is out of the question and on-site calibration, as a means of quality management, inevitable. In addition the most part of esz AG's on-site scope of service and the corresponding measurement quantities are DAkkS accredited in compliance with DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025. esz AG's mobile calibration laboratory is considered a modular sytem approach reflecting customer requirements on location. The test equipment is mounted to portable 19'' racks and calibrated against DAkkS accredited primary standards at esz AG's stationary DAkkS-/ DKD-laboratory. In general, on-site calibration for the most common measurement quantities in terms of e.g. DC, lower frequencies and RF are available.

Exact coordination for exact on-site calibration

EMV Messkammer The modular sytem apporach enables deployment at esz AG's stationary laboratory at times inbetween on-site activities. This is understood as means of consecutive re-calibration and function testing prior to and following on-site calibration. In addition, system validation is part of disassembling and assembling esz AG's portable calibration laboratory on location or upon return to the stationary laboratory in order to document the test equipment's functionality and condition at any time. A frictionless on-site process is realized utelizing check-lists, tight structuring and sustained communication measures. The initial step includes evaluating requirements and a detailed feasibilty study (identification of particular calibration requirements, assessment of conditions and working environment, allocation of contact persons, Determination of environmental conditions e.g. measuring room temerature, humidity or local gravitation accelaration). Once, the feasibility study is completed the customer service team will schedule an appointment for on-site calibration. The latter is subject to approval among laboratory management, technical planing and executing calibration engineers. In preparation for an on-site calibration, calibration engineers are challenged in arranging the correpsonding technical equipment, service/ operation manuals, accessories, plugs, probes, verifying calibration standards in terms of measurement uncertainties and traceability. I.e. in particular: updating calibration database, form field data including wireless access, verifying and setting aside printer, laptop computers, thermohygrometers, along with arranging travel details such as transportation, accommodation, customs and safety regulations, communication (voice and data), road toll, gas, etc.. Thermic settling time is realized by allowing standards and calibration equipment to sit at the designeted on-site measuring room for at least 8 hours prior to starting on-site calibration activities.

Expedited and weekend calibration

An alternative to coping with all of the above, is to rely on esz AG's expedited 24-hours or weekend calibration service.