Corporate Information

esz AG Hauptgebäude

esz AG calibration & metrology is among Europe's leading and most modern metrology laboratories and was awarded "Bavaria's Best 50" medium sized enterprise. Core competency is industrial calibration for test and measurement equipment. Tailored software solutions, an outstanding range of service and cost transparency characterize esz AG in 45 years of business. The calibration laboratory's headquarters is Eichenau, located on the outskirts of Munich, Germany. esz AG operate branch offices in Germany and the European Union.

In 2011 and 2020, the Bavarian Ministry for Economy and Transportation awarded esz AG "Bavaria's Best 50" medium sized enterprise. An award everyone at esz AG pride themselves in, clearly indicating that esz AG is not only a top perfomer in terms of revenue and growth but also a highly innovative and modern working environment.

Basic Data

esz AG Logo In 1976, Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Fleischmann - today's Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Directors - founded the company Elektronik Service Zentrale (since 2009: esz AG calibration & metrology). esz AG grew continuously, organically and structured - particulary since 2003 and in economically difficult times - (at about 20% per year) in what is known today as Germany's leading independant, third-party calibration laboratory. esz AG is positioned Europe-wide and charcterized by an even balance between targeted growth and expansion.

Management and Leadership

Flat hierarchies allow management to adopt to change and adjust strategies quickly and responsively. Highly trained people alongside continuous and sustained training enable esz AG to face challenging technical projects and to develope corresponding single-point solutions. Inhouse training, a positive working environment and multiple social benefits turn esz AG into a leading, most modern employer.

esz AG's management target technological knowledge and know-how strategically as a source for future innovation and growth. People at esz AG are trained and brought forward particularly with respect to the organization's strategic agenda. Exchange of experience among fellow calibration laboratories is actively initiated at esz AG: Networking, cooperating, and partnerships are considered and viewed open mindedly.

Committees and Memberships

As part of esz AG's accrediation, esz AG is represented among corresponding technical committees. Regarding the latter, esz AG preside the technical committee for measurement uncertainties. In addition esz AG is an active member of VDI/ VDE significnatly impacting on guidelines and regulations addressing the field of industrial calibration and in developing an uniform data exchange standard. To emphasize esz AG's international recognition, esz AG became a new member to NCSL („The National Conference of Standards“) in 2012. NCSL International focus on metrological activities and collaboration.

Research and Development of System Solutions

Messgeräte esz AG is part of a joint research team among scientists, the German, national metrological authority PTB, Swiss equivalent METAS and supracon. Together, as a joint effort, the team accomplished the realization of the world's first, mobile Josephson-AC-Quantum-Voltmeter. esz AG pioneers the field of industrial quantum calibration. Constant research and product development drive esz AG's positon as a market leader within the industry and is determined a key factor for future growth. In combination with esz AG's software application calibration expert, standardizing accredited calibration laboratory's requirments, esz AG truely revolutionize the potential of existing and future calibartion software solutions.