calibration expert network

A platform for your calibration task - the calibration expert network (cen) comprises calibration laboratories working according to the same standards and with the same calibration management software, calibration expert. Through this, calibrations are 100% comparable, calibration certificates are created in a uniform layout and meet the requirements of international standards. All network partners are members of the national accreditation body and therefore part of the multilateral agreement of EA, ILAC and IAF. We work together with the cen partners to constantly improve the quality of our calibration services and to develop new calibration instructions. Therefore, today there are already 30,000 calibration instructions available. Due to the wide-ranging experiences and requirements of the network partners, we have build a valuable pool of ideas and know-how that is used to comply with the ever growing requirements of calibration.

One location - one solution - one network

cen Partner

KLH Kalibrierlabor Linow & Hofmann GbR

Berlin - Germany


Bern, Zurich, Gümlingen - Switzerland

You are interested in cen or want to become a partner? Contact us at! An ongoing exchange is elementary for the further development of our network and calibration expert. It is only together that we can meet the tasks to come.