Test & Measurement Equipment Repair Service

Reperaturservice für Messgeräte

Minimize Cost - Repair service is often favorable over buying a replacement

In over 4 decades esz AG accumulated a vast amount in terms of service manuals dedicated to service and repair work for test and measurement equipment. Customers take advantage of years worth of know-how regarding independent, third party test and measurment equipment repair service - regardless age, type, model or manufacturer. Thus, esz AG pride themselves in continously manage to repair or restore proper functioning to defective test and measurement equipment - an option in most cases favorable over buying a replacement. In case repair is identified as uneconomical esz AG assist in assing options and allocating the appropriate replacement.

Based upon the long term experience in the field of test and measurement equipment repair respectaively allocating spare parts or replacement units customers rely on esz AG's expertise and capabilities in terms of test and measurement equipment repair. The adjacent calibration service turn esz AG's repair service in an uncomplicated, convenient service option addressing defective test and measurement equipment.

Tailored Repair - Within 5 Working Days

Archive für Dokumente von Herstellern Repair work for test and measurement equipment at flat rates is considered highly intransparent at little to no flexibility: Thus, esz AG addresses every single defect separately. As a result detailed analyses turns into a thorough cost evaluation listing and addressing every single defect or malfunction. The tailored cost estimate is processed within five working days.

Fair Market Value

Every singled cost estimate considers the economical aspect of a particular repair. The fair market value along defects and malfunctions as found are addressed and taken into account. Hence, esz AG is making sure that cost of repair wil not exceed the instruments fair value. If the fair value is exceeded esz AG will recommend a corresponding replacement unit.

Complete Cost Control

Cost control is at your hands. Repair work will commence and processed at time of customer's approval. In case of disapproval, e.g. cost exceeding fair value, a small investigation fee is applicable, as stated on the original cost etsimate.

Consulting With the Original Equipment Manufacturer

With respect to highly integrated systems and instruments or availability of spares and service manuals third-party repair facilities, such as esz AG, occasionally run into a dead end in terms of feasibility. Given such a scenario, esz AG facilitate customers in defining alternate ways of repair. esz AG will forward to and consult with the original equipment manufacturer - at significantly lower cost than customers themselves including: supplier allocation, supplier qualification, custom declaration, customs clearance, price nogotiation, shipping, handling, replacement units and calibration.

Test and Measurement Equipment Repair, Adjustment and Calibration at a Single Stop

Instruments found defective whilst processing calibration are physically passed on to the repair shop and Instruments in need for calibration found defective are turned to the adjacent repair shop and instruments repaired or adjusted are turned to the calibration laboratory. Corresponding calibration reports identify and address successful adjustment or repair clearly stating proper functioning along with the instruments performance level i.e. accuracy. esz AG’s unique single-stop approach in terms of test & measurement equipment service enable quick and easy handling and is considered highly responsive reflecting actual customer requirement.

Cost Advantage from Third-Party Repair

Limited admintsration will automatically result in limited cost. Repair for multiple manufacturers, types, models are all processed equally at the same repair facility. There is no need to allocate specific repair options with respect to original equipment manufacturers, nor dealing with end of life-cycle or out of support issues. The adjacent calibration laboratory completes esz AG's comprehensive service in terms of third-party test and measurement equipment repair.