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Kundenservice der esz AG

From experience, test & measurement equipment is required constantly. Every single day of disposal brings production, R&D or any affiliated process to a hold. esz AG's mission is, to get your instruments back to you as soon as possible. Turn around time is 3 to 5 working days. In conjuntion with esz AG's pick-up and delivery service, higly sensitive test & measurement instruments are determined to be in the right hands at esz AG.

Save the Date - Expedited Calibration

5 working days turn around time still don't meet your needs? Plan ahead and notify esz AG. Simply request calbration on a certain day whilst stating total number of instruments to be calibrated. esz AG wil safe the date and set aside corresponding laboratory capacities in order to expedite your calibartion to less than 3 working days.

No premium applies to expedited calibration at esz. make an appointment »

Even More Speed - 24h-Expedited Calibration

Expedited 24 hours calibration is available for a limited number of instruments and with respect to specific laboratory or working conditions. Contact esz AG and learn if expedited 24 hours calibration service is available to meet your specific needs. make an appointment »

Pick-up and Delivery Service - Logistik Expert

Highly sensitive test & measurement instruments are always in safe hands at esz. esz AG's pick-up and delivery service provides customers to benefit from two options: Individual pick-up & delivery or as part of esz AG's weekly pick-up and delivery tours. Logistik Expert is available throughout Germany and in wide areas of Austria. Contact esz AG and learn if Logistik Expert is available in your area. more »

Test and Measurement Equipment Repair Service

Take advantage of esz AG's long term experience in measurement technology. In addition to esz AG's primary field of business esz AG offer repair service for test and measurement equipment. At a single stop esz AG will completely service your test and measurement instruments, by all means and in terms of calibration, adjustment and repair. more »

Calibration Documents

To safe and protect: Calibration documents intent to certify accuracy among vital parameters such as calibration procedure, environmental conditions, traceability and measurement uncertainties. more »

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is calibration? ISO-compliant or DAkks-accredited calibration? Repair still worthwhile? Learn about the most frequently asked questions regarding calibration, adjustment and repair of test and measurement equipment. more »


Defining calibration from A to Z - esz AG terminology dictionary. Learn more about modern day metrology. more »

Quality Management

Calibration procedures, QM-documents and environmental laboratory conditions. Learn more about how calibration and metrology is realized at esz AG's calibration laboratories. more »

Download Area

Accreditation certificate, sample calibration reports, laboratory scope, measurement uncertainty tables and esz AG's general terms of trade and servce (AGB-S) are placed at your convenience. more »